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heres my song..

ThatDarnPunk man..ThatDarnPunk man
Doesnt like this flash..so he says blam!


then what happends?

dookiemoole responds:

what are you talking about? the mini ninja? that was just some scene that's never gonna be in the series. made that to tease people that saw the trailer

lol..another gert movie

i loved the biting of the lip...that shows real emotion *thumbs up!

dookiemoole responds:

thankx a lot. i rarly get fans like this!

made me cry man...it was that great

whats with all these other ppl reviewing this moive?..dont they have a sense of humor or a love for disco music?..i guess not..that was anwesome movie..dont u wish ppl actuly just bursted out in spoountaneous song and dance like that in real life?..thats my dream..and someday it will be fullfilled...check out my audio..since i dont do flash

dookiemoole responds:

i will check out your audio! check out mine it's all my site www.dookiemoole.tk it's some gay song i made under music

Dark Nabiki..your calling Munkah a fag?

umm lets see..Nabiki..your a lvl 3 loser who thinks he has enough knowledge to evaluate a flash....where the fucks the flash u made Nabiki?..i wuld really like to see it.. good movie Munkah..i loved the corn cob

i liked it

what r all these ppl sayin?..they only dont like it becuase it doesnt follow suit to all these trendy other flashes...u are doin your own thing and sayin what u want..good jorb there

excellent *keanu reeves style*

is it just me or do the little yoshi's sound like that little squirrel or wutever it is from retarded animal babies..o well...niice movie man..good way to end a series.or is it?


im not sure wut that was but is was AWESOME! it made me feel sad/happy/pretty/mad/confused all at the smae time.! wow!. cool!.rad!.
all around good/fukedup movie!

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Phantasm 2!

haha..nice movie, funny as hell...i loved the ball and troll from that cheesy-ass movie Phantasm 2!

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yet another fukin funny masterpiece

you guys never cease to amuze me......pure genious on this one too....i liked the twist on like a "into the minds thing".....greet!!!!

I wont give up.Not while walking is still honest and you havent given up on me.

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